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About Our Gym

Praxis is the process by which theory, lesson or skill is enacted.

Tex McQuilkin

Praxis aims to refine your athletic abilities through facilitating best training practices in a variety of situations. Your goals are our goals, so we work hard with you in the gym to attain these – whether it is weight loss or improving your athletic skills on and off the field.

Training Services

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Our daily group classes mix various elements for progressive improvement in all aspects of fitness. These classes consist of 45 minute training periods that mix:

Weightlifting movements (squats, deadlifts, presses, clean & jerks, snatch, etc.)
Endurance/conditioning (running, rowing, jumping rope, biking, swimming, etc.)
Gymnastic/bodyweight movements (pull-ups, pushups, rings, handstands, etc.)

Looking for the rewards of working out in a group, but also need a personalized program? Personal programming at Praxis combine elements from group classes along with activities specifically designed to meet your goals. Along with more one-on-one coach time, you also get a detailed personal program, and nutrition plan to align with your quarterly goals.

Personal training offers a broad skill set that provides any member with the skills to confidently join group classes. Additionally, we offer scheduling of one-on-one or small group training to coach you in improving specific movements of your athletic focus.

With 5 USAW certified coaches, Praxis is one of only a handful of USAW listed Olympic Weightlifting gyms in the state of New Mexico. Weightlifting is more than throwing weights around; it’s an extremely precise focus on resistance training, refining lifts such as the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Praxis provides knowledgeable coaches to teach you the best in form and technique.
Read more about what the Zia Barbell team is about.

Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, we will help you improve your Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. We use science-based methodologies to help you find lifting gains throughout the year.
Athletes compete in several events involving testing different feats of strength, speed, and endurance. Implements like atlas stones, logs, axel bars, and farmer’s carries are just some of the fun pieces of equipment used.
Need more info? Get more in-depth with the Strength Team!

First time runner or ultra-athlete? Needing to hurt less in your metcons? Either way, there is always room for improvement. We will teach you to pace better and turn more of your metcons from being anaerobic to aerobic.
Our programs are specifically designed to minimize injuries through a balance of spending time on running, rowing, biking and time in the gym learning basic gymnastic fundamentals to become a stronger and healthier athlete.
Find out more about how the Aerobic Capacity Team can help you!

This team focuses on the CrossFit Open and local CrossFit competitions.
The Competitive Athlete Team programming will implement a yearlong calendar. What this means for you as an athlete is a MUCH more comprehensive training plan. Instead of trying to stay in a “peak” phase all the time, you’ll be training like a true athlete would; periodized in cycles to help you develop proper skills and strength with the timing necessary to be ready when you should.
The proof is in the pudding – find how out how successful past cycles have been for the Competitive Athlete Team has been!

Why Choose Our Gym?

Exceptional Coaching

Much like your skill growth at Praxis, our coaches’ education is never static. Our highly skilled staff continually seek to improve themselves with the intention of enhancing the knowledge they share with our athletes in a dynamic environment.

Excellent Programming

Using theory from world class coaches, we ensure our athletes receive training plans unique to their areas of targeted growth.


We work hard to learn your needs and concerns as an athlete. Our coaches identify your limiting factors and help you work towards your goals, focusing on personal improvement with fewer injuries.

We're fun!

At the end of the day, training should be fun – Praxis offers a positive and supportive environment for all of our members, whether we are training in the gym or hanging out.

Body & Mind/Theory = Practice

Attaining your goals comes through improvement of your physical self and the integration of mental practice. The positive environment of Praxis and its coaches provides a fusion of body and mind to help you meet your benchmarks faster, safer, and more effectively.


Praxis means practice, not just in athletic endeavors but also in the support of our local communities. Personal growth comes from the strength we imbue in others when we are cheering them on at local events and competitions.

Word on the street

The coaches at Praxis truly believe in what they are doing, and because of this, their passion and heart is reflected in the time they invest to each and every member.


Praxis Confessions

I am someone who, until I was in my forties, never put much value in the physical side of my life; working with Praxis has helped me discover that I am an athlete and more than “showing me,” they have trained me how to regain ownership of my body and therefore my life….all while having a fun time.


Praxis Pronouncements

I have been training with Praxis for a year and a half now and have made progress I never would have dreamed possible, enabling more successful mountaineering and skiing, but more than anything I have learned that limitations are in your own mind and can be overcome.  You will acquire the inner strength to succeed.


Member Musings

When I joined Praxis, not only did my weightlifting total go up, but I gained a great community and coaches who really care about me.


Plans and Pricing

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Regional Manager

  1. Everything begins with a healthy mind
  2. Care about yourself, your training and those around you
  3. Move better, and with intention [read more…]
BJ Monger
Regional Manager

Ambassador Of Fun

Make things harder. Attack your weaknesses. Get better… [read more]

Brittany Snyder
Coach and Ambassador of Fun

Assistant to the Regional Manager

F.D.P. – My philosophy of life and sport. Focus, discipline, patience.  [read more]

Gary Dinh
Assistant to the Regional Manager

I am passionate about helping others by creating and fostering their body awareness… [read more]

Alex Nettey

My love of coaching is motivated by my desire to help people (and myself) get better, overcome obstacles, and grow… [read more]

Crow Rising


Never be complacent in your lifts or workouts. The same can be said about life. Always strive to be a better you. “The race isn’t always for the swift, but for those who keep going.” – Unknown

“Endeavor to Persevere!” – The Outlaw Josey Wales [

Mark Martinez

I am a huge advocate of the 6 P’s: Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance… [read more]

Travis Hudson

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