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I can count on at least one finger the number of times per day I’m asked, “Why is my conditioning so bad,” or “It seems like these workouts (or this one-mile run) never gets any easier.” “I have been here for 2 years and I still can’t do a pullup or a handstand.” There are others, but you get the point. Most of the time, I can pin it down to two different reasons: either you don’t work on it enough, or you don’t work on it in the correct way. Let us show you a better way to get to these goals: enter Aerobic Capacity Team.

 Well, can you?

Can you run a sub 6-minute mile, or a sub 13 minute 2 mile? What about a 2k on the rower in under 7 minutes? Can you get over 250 calories on the bike in 10 minutes or maintain high-intensity sprints on the bike for repeat efforts? What about your gymnastic skills? Can you do any pullups, strict or kipping? Is it possible to string together 50 of them? Can you pass the 5-second handstand in place for the Level 2 test? Can you handstand walk across the gym and back without coming down, maintaining good position? How are your muscle ups? Can you do any? Can you string them together? Even if you meet any or all of those events, would you like to see an improvement in those things? If any of the above is a goal or something you’d like to improve, consider joining the Aerobic Capacity Team.

What’s That You Say?

Would it surprise you to hear the majority of your workouts are really more aerobic than anaerobic? The issue is most of us don’t spend our time training as if these workouts are aerobic. Even when we ask you to treat the workout as an aerobic workout, most people prefer the sprint and rest method. That doesn’t really work to help you create a better energy system and it’s not making you “fitter.” The major goal of this Team is to give you the proper tools and more defined parameters to create a better aerobic system. This will subsequently help you perform better in regular workouts as well as activities outside the gym.

We know sitting on a rower, bike, getting into your speedo or hitting the road for running is going to get old. While there will be plenty of this work programmed, we still want you to be a more well-rounded athlete. We are going to take some of these principles and apply them to many of the movements you do on a regular basis in the gym (barbell movements, bar movements like pullups or toes to bar, bodyweight movements, etc). Within weeks, you’ll be able to see the difference in regular workouts and other outside activities.

Aerobic Capacity Team
Rich and Jan get to work on the rowers

In addition to the conditioning work you’ll be getting into, we will give you some work on skills you’ve been requesting. We wanted to work on gymnastic skill work, primarily muscle-up and handstand practice. The other specialty Teams (Competitors, Strength, Weightlifting) are much more focused on their individual specialty—as they should be. We wanted to provide a well-balanced program to help you with the underdeveloped skills like muscle ups and handstands. On most days, folks ask for help with those movements. We have even given great advice and help on how to improve those. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to spend the time outside of what’s on the board. So, we packed it into one great Team here.

The last major focus we have for this particular Team is on better athletic development and movement. Each specialty Team talks about moving better. We say it all the time, in most classes and it’s written in all these Team posts. We are PASSIONATE about you walking out of our doors every day learning how to move better than when you walked in the doors.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting To Be On This Team?

As a member of this Team, expect 4-7 workouts per week with approximately 60-90 minutes of work every day. That time would include a comprehensive warm-up, specific work to develop your aerobic capacity, and a proper cool down. You’ll spend time working on gymnastic skills and aerobic base through gym movements as well. We will also spend time working on what we call “field work.” This could include heavy carries, sandbags, stones, or other fun activities you may not normally have the opportunity to do.

Aerobic Capacity Team
Kori and Jose spent 4 months building their engine, displaying it here

We will spend time at the beginning of each cycle testing your aerobic capacity and your gymnastic skills. Then at the end, we’ll retest and see how you’ve come along as athletes.

While our Team seems a little bit more abstract in terms of a competitive focus, we truly believe this Team alone could provide you many tools you likely never work on or won’t get elsewhere. There will be peaks in this Team for competition. We will be peaking for some runs and other activities along the way. You’ll also be able to take your new conditioning and apply it to local competitions in which you may be interested.