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Many of you have done smaller cycles of this Team, peaking for a certain event. Every time we have one of these cycles, I’m asked, “What’s next? What do we do after this is done?” Well, up until now, we haven’t had the answer. We’ve gone from competition to competition getting you ready, but not able to focus on the bigger picture. Well, now we have a better solution, the Competitive Athlete Team. 

So, What’s Different?

The Competitive Athlete Team program will implement a yearlong calendar. What this means for you as an athlete is a MUCH more comprehensive training plan. Instead of trying to stay in a “peak” phase all the time, you’ll be training like a true athlete would; periodized in cycles to help you develop proper skills and strength with the timing necessary to be ready when you should. In the past, we’ve put together a program to prepare you for a specific event. However, doing continuous cycles of this, as many of you have noticed, is not only difficult on your body, it’s impractical from a lifelong training standpoint. Being able to offer a yearlong plan will help athletes prepare as they should and peak for specific events, while also developing the proper skills and strength necessary to train year round as an athlete should.

We will be focused primarily on a few major local competitions, as listed on the calendar of events. While it is impossible to achieve peak performance at every competition, having a plan in place to peak at the major ones will set you up for success. This helps even if you want to participate in events outside our calendar.

The Team will also focus on the CrossFit Open each year. While most of us are not likely to qualify for the CrossFit Regionals or the Games, it is an interesting test every year to compare how you rank against all levels across the globe. It’s also fun to prepare for unknown events and see how well prepared you were and how your training set you up.

Competitive Athlete Team
Emily shows us some great Primal Movement Patterns

Getting In

In order to join the Competitive Athlete Team, you will need to have passed the Level 1 test. Passing this test will help the coaches put together more comprehensive programming, focused on the needs of the group. The level 1 test ensures athletes can do the basic bodyweight movements like: pull-ups, dips, kicking up to a handstand, and a base level of aerobic conditioning and strength. We do this test quarterly. To see when the next one is scheduled, check the Calendar of Events.

What to Expect from The Competitive Athlete Team

  • Four to six sessions per week and approximately 60-90 minutes of work. Some sessions will be longer than others and require more work.
  • Lots of input on how you should modify or scale the workouts to get the best training possible. In addition, you can expect some cycles to include a possibility of more daily work for those who wish to do more.
  • The Team’s goals will always be centered on moving well. The first priority of every program is to ALWAYS move well. What does this mean? Do not sacrifice range of motion or perform crappy movement for more weight or faster times. Put the time into your training and prepare for the long term. This will always pay off in the long term.
  • Teamwork – no one wins alone. Even if you’re competing as an individual, we will push you as a Team to be better. The more engaged you are with the group, the better results you’ll find with your training.
  • You may discover your mental attitude towards training and the results you’re getting are better than they were before. We’re preparing you to become a superhero.
  • Specific warm-ups to help you get warmed-up and also work on your work capacity. Specific cool-downs as well to make sure you get the most from your training and start the process of recovery.
  • Large accessory work component. Different sections of the programming will have accessory work to help you work on your trunk, arms, weaknesses and limiting factors. The accessory work will help you with injury prevention, weaknesses, and imbalances you might have.
Competitive Athlete Team
2-Time Individual Competitor Alex Nettey at the CrossFit Games

Ask Somebody

If you have any doubts about the results we’ve already had, ask someone who’s done the programs. You’ll get a resounding, “YES!” if asked if you should join this Team in preparation for an event or for the long haul.