Specialty Courses

Specialty Courses are the newest addition to the Praxis programming. These courses provide a unique experience for those individuals with specific goals to improve skills like skiing, playing rugby, and passing the fire department skills test. Each class is instructed by a certified coach who will guide you through movements key to your goals and improve your overall fitness. Specialty Courses are open to both current Praxis members as well as to the public. Check out the current courses below.


Looking for a different Specialty Course? Let us know what type of workshop, seminar, or course that interests you and we will look at adding it to our programming!

Outdoor Sports Prep w/  Andrew Brown – COMPLETED

Better Boot Camp w/ Crow Rising 06/17 – 08/08 COMPLETED

Better Boot Camp w/ Crow Rising 04/01 – 05/30 COMPLETED

Ski Prep Dry Land Training 10/10 – 11/17 COMPLETED

Ski Prep Dry Land Training 11/24 – 12/31 COMPLETED