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Praxis Masters Swim Team is a member of US Masters Swimming and one of the few clubs in Santa Fe, NM.

We welcome swimmers 21 years and older, from novices to experts, who want to focus on skill developing workouts with an emphasis on fitness, endurance, and general stroke improvements.

Your path to becoming an accomplished swimmer includes dry-land training to develop strength, speed, power, and endurance. In conjunction with our personalized in-water training, dry-land training allows us to focus on position and posture work as well as build upon the range of motion used in the different swimming strokes.

Praxis takes the three s’s seriously: skilled swimming, strong support, and spirited socializing – join our team today!

Felicia Torres
Swim Coach

I started swimming when I was 7 or 8 on accident. My grandma brought me to a meet thinking it was free swim lessons… well it wasn’t. I was a swim team tryouts!

After a few words with the coach, we were on a swim team. About a year later, I started on a club swim team that was year round. This lasted through high school. I then went on to swim in college at New Mexico State.

I was a mid-distance, distance swimmer. My events were the 400 IM, 200 Breaststroke, and the mile.

Now I swim because it’s a great workout and I want to compete with Praxis again in the sport I love so much!

Mark Martinez
Swim Coach

I learned how to swim when I was training for my first sprint triathlon. I always knew how to swim but just not efficiently.

I first hired a private coach and paid for private lessons. My whole goal was to be able to swim 400 meters for the race in the Santa Fe Triathlon about 8 years ago.
Well it took me 6 weeks of practice but I did it. Along the way I swallowed lots of water.

From there I started taking beginning swimming classes at the community college and soon moved up to advanced swim clases. My swimming got better over the years. And at least once or twice a week I love to go swimming.

Since then I’ve competed in several sprint triathlons, an Olympic distance triathlon, and I’ve swam in open water meaning lakes for about a mile with out stopping. Also I’ve competed in Boxtoberfest which always has a swim component.

To me swimming has always been peaceful and relaxing. You can’t hear anything you just focus on how you move through the water. The more you resist and harder you try use force the less distance you travel. I’m always trying to improve my swimming. And I believe for myself this will be a life time goal.