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New Kick-Ass Programs are Coming Soon

Starting January 1st we will be offering four kick-ass programs to help you focus your training. Why are we doing this? We want to provide athletes with the tools to concentrate on their limiting factors. This will lead to achieving your goals more quickly and realizing you enjoy the end result of more focused training.

You’ve done competition prep programs, strength programs, Olympic lifting programs, ski prep programs, and maybe even our Level Up program for movement deficiencies and injury prevention. After testing out some 2-4 month cycles of our programming over the last couple years, we’re often asked, “What’s next once this program is done?” We have a solution for you! Read below for the details.

How it all began

I first started becoming interested and doing CrossFit in 2006 when the movie 300 was first coming out and they were releasing their training videos. I became interested in how CrossFit was using GPP (General Physical Preparedness) to prepare for other sports or activities. In the Army, I found it useful and I was lucky enough to learn from a great coach at the first affiliate I attended. He helped me develop programs for the Soldiers with which I trained. Because of this experience, I really dialed in what our group should be doing.

Fast forward to now. I still love watching the CrossFit Games and all the local competitions where our members put their heart and effort into the weekends kicking ass. You have come a long way and we want you to be even better.

When we unaffiliated and changed to Praxis, we had a few ideas in mind of what we wanted. The main focus was to be able to provide you with a program designed specifically for your needs and goals. I quickly realized the folks here were confused. Why change what already seemed like a great thing? I heard things like “I don’t have any goals” or “I just want to compare myself to others.” Folks would tell me “I don’t think I can stick to a plan by myself.” I heard lots of opinions, yet I didn’t hear “I’m excited to have a program which works to help me achieve MY goals!” So we started with status quo and ran our group classes.

Eventually, we started offering short (8-12 week) programs designed to peak at specific events. When you started seeing your buddy’s results, many of you wanted to test these out for yourself. I was pleased that many of you were kicking ass on these cycles and then ask for more. Two years have passed since starting to offer these test cycles. We’re finally able to get mostly where we initially wanted to go while still offering you many of the group class features you love.

Starting January 1st, we will be changing some of our current offerings and adding some new ones. First, here’s an overview and changes to our current services.

Current Offerings

Group classes, aka Gen Pop (General Physical Preparedness, GPP)

We currently are offering group classes 6x/day during the week plus a Saturday morning class. Everything with the schedule and price will remain the same for our group classes. We will also continue to do the quarterly Levels testing. There will be some slight changes, but nothing that will change your experience in the classes.

  • First, we have made some changes to how we modify the workouts for those who cannot do them as prescribed. You may have already noticed, but those types of changes are listed here in this article.
  • Because we will have a dedicated Team working on competition, the regular classes will not focus on those. The group classes will continue to focus on general fitness and overall health.
  • We are going to start asking you to pre-check-in to classes starting in the New Year. This will help us manage the space for everyone who’s doing their own programs or the Team’s programming.
  • Some workouts will change to reflect what we believe to be more helpful to your fitness needs. You likely won’t notice these changes except your overall fitness will be improving.

Olympic Lifting


Kick-Ass Programs
Jessica Embry lifting an 86kg Snatch


We will continue to offer these classes at the same scheduled times as we have been doing. As part of your regular membership, you are welcome to join this class. You will, however, be required to sign-up for the weightlifting/barbell classes 24 hours in advance. If you’re interested in doing more than joining the barbell classes and doing a weightlifting program, you can join the weightlifting Team.

Praxis Pros

This is our top tier programming for anyone wanting to reach their individualized goals and beyond. We take into account your goals, in and out of the gym, giving you a program designed to reach them. You’ll receive lots of one on one coaching, a personalized nutrition program and lots of assistance to get there.


The New Hotness


Kick-Ass Programs
Alex Nettey at the 2017 Railyard Games. He’ll be coaching the Competitive Athlete Team

Starting January 1st, you’ll have the opportunity to join 1 of 4 Teams, targeting their programming for specific events. The focus of the four Teams are as follows: Strength, Aerobic Capacity and Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, and Competitive Athlete Team. A thorough description of each Team will be coming out in the following weeks. Those descriptions include program goals and general overview. Here are the things in common with all 4 Teams:

A large-scale calendar of events will show you which Team is planning to peak at different events and help you plan for different competitions or events. You don’t have to be part of a Team to compete in any event.  Understanding each Team’s focus might help you decide which Team you might be interested in joining.

  • All programs will have the same “reload” week every quarter. This will allow everyone to regroup together and give you the opportunity to change/join Teams. During this reload week, you’ll be doing the Levels testing together and testing some workouts from each Team.
  • Joining the Teams will require a minimum quarter (3 months) commitment. You will not be able to change your membership back until your quarter is up (but you won’t want to, trust me).
  • You have the option to join or switch Teams every quarter, but you must stick with that Team for the quarter.
  • The Teams Membership will cost you an additional $25/month and require you to have a yearly regular membership. No month-to-month memberships on this plan.
  • We will provide all Team members a simple, easy-to-follow diet guide for athletic performance. There’s also the option to get a more personal plan.
  • Coaches on the floor will be helping you in your workout and make sure you’re getting better.
Kick-Ass Programs
The Praxis Competitive Athlete Team represents hard and sexy at Railyard Games 2017

How Can It Work For Me?

Many will have questions about how to use these Teams to improve your fitness. There are a ton of combinations and scenarios which may suit you best. I have put together 6 hypothetical athletes with different goals/problems. It may give you an idea of how you could structure your year’s training based on your goals.

Athlete 1: This individual likes to compete in the local competitions. They may or may not have tried our programs, but they like to compete. The competitor Team program will be the one for you. On a year’s program, the intensity, volume, and strategy will change throughout the year. This will you build when you should and peak when it’s time. If your focus is on competing and/or stepping up your game from the regular classes, this program is for you.

Athlete 2: This person doesn’t really compete in fitness competitions, at least not on a regular, focused basis. Mostly, they like to keep their training varied throughout the year. One option for this athlete is to focus on the Strength in the first quarter, Olympic lifting Team in the 2nd, Aerobic Capacity in the 3rd, and back to Strength for the 4th quarter. This yearly schedule could provide some beneficial variance to your training yet focused on one thing at a time.

Athlete 3: This athlete doesn’t really care or have as many specific fitness goals. Major gains in strength or conditioning aren’t the top priority. Maintaining their current fitness and keeping the workouts varied enough to have fun is the top priority. The Group and keeping the workouts short enough are also important. This athlete should do the regular group classes. The workouts are more varied, the time frame is set and shorter, and the group is fun.

Athlete 4: This athlete has been interested in getting strong, perhaps doing some strongman competitions or even a powerlifting event here and there. Their concern is if they join the strength Team, every bit of their hard-earned conditioning will go out the door. I would recommend this person to join the Strength Team. While some conditioning might drop, this Team will be doing longer conditioning pieces to keep in shape and stay healthy. In addition, you will not regret the strength gains you’ll get here. Spend a year here and let us know if you regret how strong you are.

Athlete 5: This athlete spends time in the class telling us their conditioning never seems to be up to par. They always fail when it’s too intense or too long or their running deteriorates pretty quickly. They also may have an interest in bodyweight and gymnastic foundational movements like handstands and muscle ups. The Aerobic Capacity Team may be the best place for this athlete.

Athlete 6: This athlete likes to do a few weightlifting competitions each year, a local fitness competition in the summer, and sometimes a run or triathlon just for fun. I recommend spending the first two quarters doing the Olympic Lifting, a quarter on the Competition Team, and the last quarter doing with the Aerobic Capacity Team.

As mentioned earlier, we will put out a more thorough description of each Team. These are just examples of how the different Teams may fit your needs. We hope you’re as excited about this as we are. After reading this, give us your questions and feedback.