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If you have joined the gym, you may know that we have set up our programming on TrainHeroic.  Your daily training can be accessed by website (link here) or by app (iphone only currently).  From there, you can see what we’re going to be doing for the day, in the future and what you did previously. You’ll be able to see your progress daily as an athlete and track how you’re doing in different categories.  The program is much more diverse than many others, although they are new and learning what they need to add along the way.  As a gym, we’ll be able to share the experience by posting in the blog on our team, staying motivated, and seeing how everyone did for the day.  It’ll be fun and interactive.  Don’t be surprised if the “test” for the day isn’t always “for time” or an AMRAP.  Many days we’ll be testing strength, or something else.  In this manner, we’ll be able to raise our attributes as an athlete and see where your holes are in your training/abilities.  Work your weaknesses and turn everything to a strength.


Step by step instructions:

1. Go to Train Heroic and set up an account.

2. If you would like to link your Front Desk account to your new Train Heroic account:

Go to SETTINGS (top left menu, small sprocket on bottom left hand corner). This will land you on the INFO page.

Scroll down to “LINKED ACCOUNTS” and there you can link your FRONT DESK account to TRAIN HEROIC.


Explore the site, update your profile, and have fun with it.


If you have any questions, contact us and we can assist you through the process.



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