Alex Nettey

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  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification
  • Crossfit Gymnastics

Professional Experience

  • Part time CrossFit coach since 2008

Coaching niche

  • CrossFit the sport/competitive functional fitness training


  • Baseball, crossfit, playing the saxophone, reading, traveling, cooking

Favorite lift/exercise

  • Snatch

Least favorite lift/exercise

  • Turkish get up

Favorite drink

  • Any kind of milkshake with peanut butter in it

Personal message

I am passionate about helping others by creating and fostering their body awareness. This leads to increasing their quality of life both inside and outside the gym. Fitness and its various branches and connections have the power to change everyone’s lives for the better. If we take the time to learn new things and continue to experiment, we are able to push our bodies beyond our limits.