Brittany Snyder

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  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • Crossfit Strongman
  • ACE Peer Fitness Trainer
  • Licensed Paramedic
  • Associate of Arts Degree

Professional Experience

  • Instructing group classes for Praxis athletes and Fire Department members
  • Coach and Trainer of Praxis Strength Team athletes
  • Coach and Trainer of high school/youth track athletes
  • On on one instructor for barbell/strength movements
  • Career Fire Captain, Paramedic, Airport Rescue Firefighter, and Hazmat Technician

Coaching Niche

  • Novice Barbell/Strength Athletes
  • Strongman movements
  • Group Classes and building camaraderie


  • Competing in Crossfit, Powerlifting and Strongman competitions
  • Hosting and organizing gym events (AKA being the Praxis “Ambassador of Fun”)

Favorite lift/exercise

Airdyne bike, tire flips, and heavy sled pulls.

Least favorite lift/exercise

I would be ok if I never had to get on a rower again…

Favorite drink

Kombucha on tap and beer that’s brewed by friends.

Personal message

You can’t keep doing the same $hit and expect to see improvement. Make things harder. Attack your weaknesses. Get better.