Emily Metzloff

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  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification

Professional Experience

  • High school teacher/volleyball coach
  • Peace Corps volunteer
  • Leader for Teen Treks (2-week bicycle tours for kids)

Coaching niche

  • Weightlifting


  • CrossFit, mountain biking, obstacle course races

Favorite lift/exercise

  • Snatch

Least favorite lift/exercise

  • Box jumps

Favorite drink

  • A beer after a tough workout (not during…)

Personal message

Sometimes I find my obsession with adding a pound to my clean and jerk or beating my Fran time by a few seconds kind of silly, especially on those days where I can’t see progress, just some bloody shins or ripped hands. But then I show up to Praxis the next day and get to watch athletes and coaches at different places in their journey working to master nuance, improve work capacity, be more efficient, implement feedback, get stronger, problem solve, work through mental barriers, and develop community. These are the things that make you good at life too. That extra pound on the bar is way more than just a number to me; it’s symbolic of how well I do these things day to day. I think I’ll obsess a little bit more and help others do the same.