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Several times in the last 6 years, I’ve heard the question, “How do I get stronger?” and also, “Could I spend some time working on being stronger?” If you are interested in being a competitive fitness athlete, a strength athlete, or just being stronger, join the Strength Team.

Why Join?

Many people lack the requisite strength to do the workouts in our Group class at the prescribed weights. What’s 3 months or even a year to spend getting really strong and see if it helps with everything else? Matt Fraser, 2-time CrossFit Games winner was formerly a nationally ranked Weightlifter. Then he realized he wanted to get into CrossFit competitions. It didn’t take him long to work on his aerobic capacity and from there, he has been unstoppable. The reverse is not generally true. No one who’s won the CrossFit Games was formerly a high-level triathlete or ultra marathon runner who picked up requisite strength in a short period of time and started kicking ass. Strength takes time to build, a lifetime really.


Strength Team
Coach Travis has his sites on a 500# squat

Even if competing in the CrossFit Games is not an ultimate goal (and it shouldn’t be for most of us), getting strong should be. Everyone could be stronger and the truth is, intelligently designed strength programs not only make you stronger, they keep you lifting safely for years, ensuring you continue chasing the fountain of youth and staying healthy.

Our coaches follow the Starting Strength method for all athletes in our Strength Team. Athletes begin their strength journey with a linear strength program and once they have exhausted those limits, we progress you to more advanced training methods to ensure you keep moving the dirt everyday.

What’s The Training Like?

The Team’s strength training follows time-tested, proven methods. This means we like to use the barbell and dumbbells to advance our strength numbers. You’ll likely see movements common to strength lifting like, squats, deadlifts, presses, and various accessory movements. However, depending on the specific event we might be training for, this Team may use some elements of strongman training as well, implements like atlas stones, logs, axel bars, farmer’s carries, etc.

Strength Team
Rosangela works on her Shoulder Press during an in-house competition

Even though this is a strength program, we’ve found doing some basic aerobic conditioning can actually helps you complete the required training. If you’re concerned that doing just strength training will completely reverse all the aerobic capacity you have built up, worry not.

Competition, Being Healthy, and Where do I Go From Here

The gym now has an overall online calendar of events. The Strength Team will peak for several events during the year. Athletes are not required to compete. However, we believe it is nice to put your training to the test. Even if that is just a competition with you.

While the priority of this program is to increase your strength, the overall goal is still to be fit, healthy and strong. Being strong, but out of shape is not the goal here. Eating to fuel your strength is important.  Taking the time to do mobility and sleep is all a part of being healthy and taking care of yourself. You’ll be surprised by the positive response your body has towards a proper strength program.

If you have questions about whether or not this Team is good for you, please ask. Many have started out with a similar program and decided they enjoy this type of training.  Athletes enjoy results they’re receiving and the way their body feels. Some of you may do a quarter and that’s enough, some of you may do a year. Others may decide this is the new way of life for them. Either way, we’re excited to get you strong, for as long as you want to stay with this Team.