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Whenever a workout comes up with heavy cleans or snatches, we’re always questioned about why the workout is so heavy. “Why did we use such a heavy weight for cleans? Why are the power snatches so heavy? Do you think anyone can do that weight?” In terms of relative strength, many people’s lifts in these lifts are much lower than those in their slow lifts (squat, deadlift, bench, etc). What if you spent a quarter improving these numbers? Are you are interested in improving your snatch and clean & jerk? What about competing in a meet? If so, we have the tools if you have the effort to apply. Join the Weightlifting Team!

What’s that?

Zia Barbell Club – (Weightlifting Team) is the only group NOT new to our Team offerings. we plan on doing more competitions than before.

The goal of the Zia Barbell Club is to improve upon the two major competition lifts – the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.


In case you aren’t familiar, Weightlifting is a modern Olympic sport where an athlete is afforded 3 attempts in each lift to get a barbell overhead. The two competition lifts are the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. The combined total of the two highest successful lifts gives an overall result. Especially relevant, the sport is divided into Men and Women’s weight classes.

The snatch is the first competition lift contested in a meet. The goal is to lift the bar from the ground to overhead in one motion.

Weightlifting Team
Jessica at Youth Worlds

Clean & Jerk

The clean & jerk is a combination of two movements. The objective of the clean is to lift the bar to a resting position on the shoulders or “rack” position in one fluid motion from the floor. The jerk then moves the bar from the “rack” position overhead and locked out in one swift movement.

At Zia Barbell club, we’ve had great success with our lifters and if you’ve taken a barbell class, you know you get excellent coaching. By joining the Weightlifting Team, you can expect to receive the best training, coaching, and programming to achieve your goals. Our programs are centered on scientific principles, and time-tested design using the best resources we have. Therefore, there is no guesswork. The Team is focused on improving the 2 major competition lifts. We use those lifts, variations of the lifts, and many accessory movements, which will help improve your numbers. You should expect to do 4-8 workouts per week and about 60-90 minutes of work each week.

Weightlifting Team
Gary executing a Clean & Jerk

We design your programming to peak at various competitions throughout the year. You should expect to compete at least once per quarter and sometimes several times, depending on your goals, the Team’s goals, and the schedule of events around the state and nation. Competitions are fun but most of all, a great way to showcase your newfound or improved skills in the lifts.

Come see us if you’re interested in joining the Weightlifting Team. If you have questions or want more information, let us know!